• Mike Martin

Getting Excited

Updated: Jan 1, 2020

We are very excited with only a few days to go before we get the keys to the arcade. The first steps will be to clean the space. Then onto the hard work. First we will need to had a wall with a door closed off and second we will need to have an emergency exit installed near the rear of the space. Secondly, we need to update all the electrical to allow it to handle the incredible load with nearly 50 machines. Next will be the big move in of all the games and with that the installation of the security system and internet. Somewhere in between all that we will paint the space and update the restroom. The city inspector has offered to come and give us a pre inspection letting us know what we need to do to open up. After all these things are done we will have a "Thank You" party for all those that have helped in anyway to get this arcade museum up and running. Keep watching this space for updates but the best way to get updates is to subscribe to the YouTube channel of Upstate Pinball & Arcade Museum.

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