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Long Time No Blog Posting

Sorry its been such a long time since we've posted a blog entry. So much has changed at the museum since November 2020. Business has picked up so much now over the last few months. Its very promising for the future. So many new games have arrived since we last talked. Most recently we added a

2017 Stern Guardians of the Galaxy PRO Pinball,

1991 Williams Whirlwind Pinball,

1999 Bally Revenge from Mars Pinball,

1980 Atari Battlezone is back up after a long period broken,

1994 Bally World Cup '94 Pinball

Nintendo Red Tent,

1985 Atari Paperboy,

1983 Bally Tapper back from repairs,

1982 Bally Satan's Hollow,

1982 Bally Solar Fox,

1982 Taito Qix,

and a few others that will be coming in. If you haven't made it back to the museum in a long time then you may want to make plans to come. Lots of new stuff. I promise to update this blog more often.

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