• Mike Martin

We Are In!!

We received our keys on Tuesday January 7th. Our painter and electricians met us there and within a few hours we have a direction for moving forward. The electricians, the great folks at Hobby Electric will be in starting this Monday January 13th. We are not sure how long it will take to update the entire building to the needed power but we are planning for the Painters to come the following Monday to do what they do best. Today (Saturday Jan 12) we will test our sample paints before deciding on the final colors. Last night we were able to get our internet running with a public WiFi point provided by Spectrum. We got the security system installed and back room door locks changed. And a few nights ago we ordered ceiling speakers and a sub woofer for whole arcade audio with PA options. My new target open date will probably be the first weeKens of February. Yesterday (Friday) I met with 2 local officials to discuss code compliance. I thank those 2 gentleman for helping a new business owner the time. They really took care in giving imprmovement advice. That’s about all I needed to say. Hope to hear from everyone soon.


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